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Former Katayama Family Residence

Japan Heritage/Architecture
The Katayama Family Residence faces onto the Old Fukiya Road. It is one of the Fukiya’s most outstanding buildings. The first story of the street façade features several koshidaka lattice windows (lattices above wainscotting) as well as latticed bays, while the second story has a namako wall. Katayama Family’s shop was located on the first floor, while the bed and storerooms were on the second floor. The tatami-floored main reception room, which was most visible to the public, is generously finished with various precious woods and has finely worked transoms and quaint electric lamps.
This residence had been expanded and renovated many times since its building during the Kansei era (1789-1801) of the Edo period (1603-1868). Details of the expansions and renovations have been obtained from some layout drawings and the traditional wooden ridge tags that were placed as records inside the redone areas. Displays that explain building techniques have been set up, and many other exhibits and materials are on view in the bengara and tool storerooms.
Japan Heritage/Architecture
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