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3Fukiya Folk Museum

The Katayama family had three branches: North Katayama, Middle Katayama and Corner Katayama. The Corner Katayama branch was founded by Yoshikichi Katayama, who was the Mayor of Fukiya Village and the General Manager of the Katayama Family. The branch families’ buildings are located across the street from the main family building. The Corner Katayama family's house is the one used to house the present Fukiya Folk Museum. This former merchant townhouse was built by Tsunayoshi Shimada, a temple carpenter. The construction took five years. A variety of best quality lumber, including zelkova, Japanese chestnut and cherry tree wood were tooken from the stock of the family’s main branch and lavishly used for the building, The roof was covered with Sekishu-gawara tiles. The architecure of the house has an interesting contradiction, as giant trees were used to create fine details.Of particular note is the inside of the tatami-floored study, which is beautifully painted with lacquer and bengara (red ochre) pigment and decorated with metal ornaments.
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